Tanja Bolenz: Stonework, Calligraphy, Bookbinding

Stonework: Commissioning

I will be happy to undertake any lettercutting or sculptural commission, including pieces similar to those illustrated in the gallery. This can range from small to large inscriptions or sculptures. Work can be shipped anywhere in the world. Example applications:


  • House numbers
  • House signs
  • Inscriptions on existing buildings (in situ work)
  • Memorial and commemerative plaques
  • Headstones (can include decorative carving)
  • Inscriptions on boulders and rough pieces of stone
  • Alphabets
  • Quotations

Carving & Masonry

  • Figurative sculptural work
  • Birdbaths
  • Garden ornaments
  • Gargoyles


For more information about commissions contact info@tanjabolenz.com