Tanja Bolenz: Stonework, Calligraphy, Bookbinding


Here are listed the websites of some of my favorite colleagues, teachers, friends and societies which you might enjoy exploring:

www.tomperkins-lettercarving.co.uk My teacher and mentor, whose sensitive lettering design has been truly inspiring for me, and a great influence on my work as a lettercutter.
www.gaynorgoffe-calligraphy.co.uk Best calligraphy teacher, I will always be indebted to her for her encouragement and support.
www.schrift-kunst.de Katharina Pieper is a German calligrapher. Her captivating work displays a strong design sense, combined with boldness and flair.
www.calligraphyonline.org The Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI) is a London-based British lettering society whose aim is to promote excellence in calligraphy and lettering.
www.cynthiaminden.com Cynthia is an artist whose varied sculpture work stimulates the senses and the mind. Playful, fun and thought provoking work.