Tanja Bolenz: Stonework, Calligraphy, Bookbinding


Lettercutting in stone has become an extremely important form of expression for me. It is a fascinating extension of lettering into the 3-dimensional world. Stone gives a feeling of permanence and strength. It has more textural possibilities than other media, and thus offers a wide field for artistic experimentation.

Most of my work in stone includes hand carved lettering; this can take the form of a headstone, a memorial plaque, a house sign, a logo, etc. I also enjoy working sculpturally, carving decorative pieces for the home and garden.

My training in stone took place in the UK and Germany. After an intensive three-year study of calligraphy at Roehampton Institute, I was fortunate to study lettercutting and design with letter designer Tom Perkins. Later, I worked with lettercutter Alec Peever in Oxfordshire and with stone carver Wolfgang Jakob in Germany. My training in masonry and carving at Weymouth College has proven to be invaluable in my sculptural work.

Since coming to Britain, I've been fascinated by the wealth of lettering to be found everywhere in the country, whether on buildings and sculptures, or in churchyards and cemeteries. I enjoy studying the fine carvings and lettering on old gravestones, as well as the sculptural works contained in cathedrals and towns all over Britain.

Each piece of lettering I design and carve is unique, and can be created according to the customer's specifications.