Tanja Bolenz: Stonework, Calligraphy, Bookbinding

Bookbinding: Alternative Book Structures

Kettlestitch bindings
Various sizes, from 11x7cm – 17x11cm
Medieval bookstructure. Cover: hand made paper. Spine: vellum and leather.

Longstitch Binding
Cover: handmade paper.
Spine:Vellum with decorative weaving.
Longstitch Conservation binding
10x6.7cm and 15.5x8cm
Paper covered boards, Spine: paper and leather.

Longstitch bindings in leather
Various sizes, from 7x7.5cm – 10.4x8.6cm
Cover: leather with leather application and leather closure straps.

Coptic binding
Medieval bookstructure; Cover: hand made paper with leather closure straps.
Exposed Spine Binding
Cover: handmade paper.
Spine: exposed with decorative stitching.

Brochure binding
Spine: cloth and vellum, marbled paper covered boards.

4 Piece Slot Book
Cover: tyvek with leather closure straps; Spine: leather and tyvek.
Concertina Booklet Sewn on Leather Tabs
Paper covered boards with attached leather tabs.
Concertina Binding with Hinges
Paper covered boards, hand made paper leaves attached to hinges.
2 layer Concertina Binding
Paper covered boards, cutout windows in concertina folds.