Tanja Bolenz: Stonework, Calligraphy, Bookbinding


Lettercutting in stone has become an extremely important form of expression for me. It is a fascinating extension of lettering into the 3-dimensional world. Stone gives a feeling of permanence and strength. It has more textural possibilities than other media, and thus offers a wide field for artistic experimentation.

Most of my work in stone includes handcut lettering; this can take the form of a headstone, a memorial plaque, a house sign, a logo, etc. I also enjoy sculptural work, including decorative pieces for the home and garden.

My training in stone took place in the U.K. After an extensive three-year study of calligraphy at Roehampton Institute, I was fortunate to study lettercutting and design with eminent letter designer Tom Perkins. Later, I worked and trained with lettercutter Alec Peever. I also studied masonry and carving at Weymouth College.

During my years of study and work in Britain, I was fascinated by the wealth of lettering to be found everywhere in the country, whether on buildings or sculptures, or in churchyards and cemetaries. I especially enjoyed studying the fine carving and lettering on old gravestones, as well as those contained in Britain’s great cathedrals.

Each piece of lettering I design and carve is unique, and can be created according to the customer's specifications.